Katana Particle System

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Here is a short demo of my last gpu development involving particles and physics. Katana Particle System for Unity is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to handle millions of particles in real-time. Rendering and Physics are completely processed on GPU side through a compute shader. At this state, the tool is not finished but the idea is to put it on the asset store when finished.


  • Handle emitter rate and radius,
  • Handle forces and angular forces,
  • Handle size over time,
  • Handle age,
  • Use gravity or not (from the Unity physic engine),
  • Add some perlin noise on velocities,
  • Register new collliders in the scene to interact with particles,
  • Adjust bounce and impact factors,
  • Supports soft particles rendering,
  • GPU Collision Detection based on Unity Colliders (Cube, Cylinder, Sphere).


  • Complex Mesh and Terrain Collision on GPU side,
  • Force areas, attract and repel areas,
  • All kind of Blend mode for rendering,
  • Change color over time,
  • Screen Space Rendering,
  • Cubic Emitter.

This demo scene is running at 300-400fps with 100.000 particles all with physics interaction. But it can handle much more!! Look at my previous videos to check millions of them 😉

QKatana Particle System

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