Katana Particle System BETA

Here is a short demo of my last personal development.
Not well designed, sorry for that.
Katana Particle System for Unity is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to handle millions of particles in real-time. Rendering and Physics are completely processed on GPU side through a compute shader. At this moment, the features are:

. Handle emitter rate and radius
. Handle forces and angular forces,
. Handle size over time,
. Handle age,
. Use gravity or not (from the Unity physic engine),
. Add some perlin noise on velocities,
. Register new collliders in the scene to interact with particles,
. Adjust bounce and impact factors,
. Supports soft particles rendering,
. GPU Collision Detection based on Unity Colliders (Cube, Cylinder, Sphere).

At this state, the tool is not finished but the idea is to put it on the asset store of course. I had to add some features before, like:

. Complex Mesh and Terrain Collision on GPU side,
. Force areas, attract and repel areas,
. All kind of Blend mode for rendering,
. Change color over time,
. Cubic Emitter.

This demo scene is running at 300-400fps with 100.000 particles all with physics interaction. But it can handle much more!! Look at my previous videos to check millions of them ;)

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