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Mike Chambers Article here. I was hoping for a long time Adobe AIR team release a new version of AIR. I was hoping especially for the memory leaks (garbage collector) in the Flash Player 9 normally fixed in Flash Player 10 and other bugs.But I was a bit disappointed.

September 12, 2008

There is no runtime installer in the AIR 1.5 given in the last SDK Nightly build.

We still have to wait before testing and debugging 🙁
I installed the last SDK in Flex Builder but we just able to see AS3 code improvements and we cannot export an AIR application because there is no runtime to play it.

The only way to test improvements is to build a Flex Application with that new SDK because there is a Flash Player 10 beta2 for Internet Browsers.

And I was disappointed again :

I wanted to test the famous and expected “unloadAndStop()” method of the Loader Class.
The purpose of that method is to kill all listeners and free memory of a loaded SWF inside a Flash-Flex-AIR application. … It still seems to be buggy because I cannot see memory variations when this method is called.
I hope it’s due to the beta2 version of Flash Player 10 because this bug is a real mess! The unload() method of the MovieClip class in Flash Player 8 was working so perfectly !!

January 22, 2009

I’ve found some other bad stuff in the last production release of the Flex SDK.

There is no Chart Components
There is no more GroupingCollection in mx.collections
When you create a project with the, you MUST add the playerglobal.swc (Flash9 or Flash10) library if you want to use classes like MovieClip, Loader,…
At least, we are able to compile Flash 10 applications and use the expected unloadAndStop(true) and System.gc() methods… but Jesus! When they are planning to release a real SDK?!

Adobe Flex SDK
March 10, 2009

Am I wrong or the Charting Components are parts of the Free Flex SDK?
If I’m not, the Adobe Flex Dev Team forgot to implement these Charting Components in their last SDK, once again.One fixed or semi-fixed thing is you don’t need to add the “playerglobal.swc” when you create a project.

I said semi-fixed because, if you want to build a Flex project using Flash 10 player features, you need to remove the playerglobal.swc (FP9) and replace it by the playerglobal.swc (FP10). And If you don’t forget to change your HTML Wrapper “Required Flash Player Version” on 10.0.12, with a bit of chance, it will work correctly.

Hopefully, these tricks are common for experimented Flex/Eclipse users. But think one instant to the poor developpers wanting to learn some MXML and stuff… They have to be very very patient to set up their IDE before starting to enjoy the power of Flex.

QFlex, Flash, AIR and Dirty Tricks


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  • Jeff Mathiot - March 17, 2009 reply

    I think you made a little mistake in the first sentence of your post : as far as I know, the charting components are a part of the Datavisualization package since version 3.0.


    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - March 18, 2009 reply

    I don’t think so.

    Just try this :

    1. Create a Flex Project with the last SDK
    2. From here, you can see you don’t have the charting components in the components windows when your Design View is opened.
    3. Try to import datavisualization.swc lib (from “flexsdks3.0.0frameworkslibs” of the SDK 3.0.0)
    4. Still no charting components in the components window…

    There is no way to use it, even if you try to import that lib in your projects.

    If you want to use Charting Components, you must use the default SDK of Flex Builder (3.0.0).
    That means you cannot compile your project with the last SDK… so, without Flash Player 10 features (these features are only built-in since

    I think I’m not making a mistake by saying there is no charting components in the Flex SDK.


  • Jeff Mathiot - March 18, 2009 reply

    You are actually right.

    There is no charting components into Flex SDK because they are not a part of the opensource Flex SDK (due to licensing reasons).

    The problem you are pointing out seems to be related to Flex Builder, not to the SDK itself. Using mxmlc you can compile an application linked to the datavisualization package without any problem.

    That why I said you made a (little) mistake.


  • Jeff Mathiot - March 18, 2009 reply

    FlexBuilder uses hard-coded path to identify where it can find the libraries it should render into the design view. I guess that copying the datavisualization.swc library from http://download.macromedia.com/pub/flex/sdk/datavisualization_sdk3.3.zip to SDK_3.3_USED_BY_FB/frameworks/libs may resolve your problem.

  • Benoit Jadinon - March 20, 2009 reply

    looks like they’ve just released it as a package, a few days later
    and it’s now public :

    see “Flex 3 Data Visualization Components”

    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - March 23, 2009 reply

    Oh! At last… it’s saving me actually.

    Thx guys.

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