WorldBuilder, AIR built


I’ve almost finished the WorldBuilder migration under AIR
For now, when you save your WorldBuilder project, the application export the project under an AS3 Project structure, which you can open with Flash Builder or FlashDevelop.

That means you are able to script your own AS3 code in the world you have created.

Some features in the new framework, based on Away3D 4.x, will help you to access to all the objects, lights, terrain, skybox, library, animations, physic engine.

Next steps :

  • Implement “Anims” panel (MD2 and MD5 animations handling).
  • Implement “Water” panel (Shallow and normal water handling)
  • Implement “Physics” panel (new Away3D 4.x physics handling)
  • Implement a gizmo

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QWorldBuilder, AIR built


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    Polykrom - September 21, 2011 reply

    Can’t wait to test it !! it seems so great 😉

    keep the good work Q.

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    woonin - November 24, 2011 reply

    For a long time, i worked on the gizmo with away3d,but failed.So ,yes ,i need help,could you just show how did you do that step by step if you … will ? Thanks .

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