Unity3D Apache Controller


For weeks, I’m building Controller Scripts to control cars, tanks, locomotion, airplanes, helicopters…
The samples I found on the web was not really perfect and quiet difficult to implement.
What I’m planning to do is to build more efficient and easy-to-use C# scripts.

In a few drag&drops, you can take control of any kind of helicopter mesh… you just need to reference the rotors gameobjects, set your rigidbody and colliders, set your engine power and angular forces parameters.
This script runs with 2 displacement axis, both normalized, and a sideways and forward torque multiplier… like a real helicopter.

That also means it’s quiet easy to bind it to a Keyboard or a Touch (for mobile) controller.
The rotor sound pitch is synchronized with the corresponding velocity… as a 3D sound, it is really perfect!
ShellLauncher and MachineGun scripts will be part of a complete framework soon.
For each controller script, I also implemented an “arcade mode” to simplify the gameplay but real gamers will love the “full-control” 🙂

Check the demo video below.
Sorry for the ugly Terrain, I’m planning to create a new one for all my demos.

QUnity3D Apache Controller


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  • Rob Galante - June 8, 2012 reply

    I’m interested in your scripts and willing to pay for them. I need to jump start a project, and the apache controller will save me some time. What else do you have and how much do you want?

  • mark - August 14, 2013 reply

    Great looking video! Any chance of you sharing your helicopter script? I ask because I currently have an Oculus Rift Dev Kit and would love to see something like your quality scripting put into a virtual world 🙂 .. .. I currently have an Oculus demo for flying a helicopter that works pretty good but I am pretty sure just from seeing some of the small details in your video that it could be insane within a VR environment.

    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - August 15, 2013 reply

    Thanks for your consideration.
    The helicopter script package is part of a personal game framework and I need to split it before putting it on the store or share it on my website.
    BTW, we also have an Oculus Rift at office and I just ordered mine last week. I’m already porting some personal experiences for this device 🙂
    I will try to export my Helicopter script soon but I cannot tell you when… very busy at work 🙁

  • Windows65 - October 21, 2013 reply

    Very nice video, If at all possible I would like to receive this set for a demonstration I will be doing sometime this year. I will be demonstrating how my actual Drone will work with Unity3d. I would highly appreciate this!

    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - January 15, 2014 reply

    My Helicopter Script is part of a bigger package. I need to split it and clean it before distributing, sorry.

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