ThrowThemAll (codename Tendinitis)

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I just built a quick preview of my last Kinect game prototype (started from my “Tron Legacy Disc” experience). PEGI 12: ThrowThemAll is an extreme energy losing game and can provoke tendinitis.

The concept is very simple:
Throw everything you have in your hand and try to avoid what the others throw to you.

I still have a lot of work to do on it, especially for the enemy IA , but it really becomes playable. Right now, there are 5 fully textured levels… and much more to come.


Thanks to Cedric Delcourt for helping me for 3D modeling.

Don’t be surprised by the stupid motion captures I used on my “test” enemy character.
I’ve built my own mocaps and adjusted them a bit with MotionBuilder.
Of course, these ones are just quick tests.

I’ve also added some new technical stuff:

  • Split Screen for multiplayer
  • Script to sync a ragdoll to an anim at any moment
  • Script to handle explosion forces on breakable objects, ragdolls, walls.
  • HealthManager for opponents (enemy or second player)
  • Custom PathFollower with animation sequencing
  • Advanced Projectile Class handling impact prefab, explosion prefab and decals
  • CornFlex UI Lib Implementation
  • CornFlex Realtime Mirror and GlowFilter Shaders.

In development:

  • Bonus & Special Items
  • Clean and finalize GUI interface.
  • Coherent path waypoints and anims for enemies.
  • Multiplayer mode
  • LAN/P2P multiplayer mode
  • DecalFramework Implementation
  • Homemade SlowMotionShot script
  • Add some post-processing effects
QThrowThemAll (codename Tendinitis)

1 comment

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  • Fluffy - March 12, 2013 reply

    What the awesome music playing?

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