E411 Road Rage

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We worked more than 10 years in Brussels, the most jammed city in the world they say. By frustration, we found enough madness to start a game some months ago. Now it comes to something really cool and quite realistic. This is a first step and still there are many things to do. At this moment, the game is completely developped by fun and for fun.


  • Traffic Generator 0.1
  • 6 available Dream Cars.
  • Cars can pull trailers.
  • Dynamic weather.
  • Dynamic daylight, timescale x1000.
  • Ambient sound effects.
  • Slow motion transitions.
  • Better Car Physics, ABS, ESP, TC and suspension handling.
  • Dynamic ragdolls handling.
  • Breakable vehicules.
  • Dynamic mesh modifiers.


Q,D — steering
Z,S — accelerate/brake
SPACE BAR — Handbrake
R — Repair car
LEFT SHIFT — Turbo boost
RETURN — Reset car
C — change camera
V — lock/unlock camera
O — Occulus mode enabled/disabled
1 — ABS enabled/disabled
2 — TC enabled/disabled
3 — ESP enabled/disabled

Right Click + Mouse Move — move camera aroung player
Mouse Wheel — zoom in/out

BUILDS (Windows 32-64bit)

Version 0.1.6

  • Reduce FixedUpdate timestep for better physics performances
  • Finetune player cars
  • Finetune UI

Version 0.1.5

  • Fix Occulus mode
  • Finetune boost

Version 0.1.4

  • ABS, ESP, TC UI integration
  • Physics performances optimisation

Version 0.1.3

  • Occulus integration
  • Add some elements to the highway

Version 0.1.2

  • Finetune TargetCamera position
  • Change Horizontal Axis sensivity to 0.75 for smooth steering

Version 0.1.1

  • First dev build
QE411 Road Rage

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