WorldBuilder discontinued, Tribute Video


I received a lot of interesting messages from very interested people but as Unity is now exporting Flash Stage3D content, I had to stop development on my own 3D editor :/

WorldBuilder was a 3D software based on Adobe AIR and Away3D framework I built in 2011 during free time.

WorldBuilder helped you to build Flash 3D worlds easily and prepare your environment before scripting into it.
Check the previous blog posts for more information : 

In the video below, you will able to check some features and also the export functionality to an AS3 project. That means, once your 3D world is built, you were able to code interactions in AS3 and create some 2D Flash content on top of it. You also were able to test your project directly in a browser as the world is exported for web by default. A mobile export was planned too.

The WorldBuilder AS3 Framework I made gives direct access to all Away3D 4.x features.
You can easily call a mesh and “play” with it, change a light, move the camera and change its mode, play with Skyboxes, use dynamic elliptic lights (Sun and Moon), play mesh animation, use normal and specular maps, adjust light levels, …

So, at this time, the development is on hold… surely forever.

QWorldBuilder discontinued, Tribute Video


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    Samuel - August 27, 2012 reply

    Not sure, but I think swf produced by unity use flash premium content, so you have to had a license.

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    Alex Seifert - August 30, 2012 reply

    Yes, afaik Unity requires C-library and hence domain memory, thus requiring a premium license.

    The question is: Indie and small games not cracking the U$ 50K limit have no troubles using Unity, but any projects big enough, will they use open source rather than licensed products?

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