SuperNova 0.1

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I was already fascinated by the power of stars when I was a little boy.
With Computer Graphics technology, I can now simulate at home what I always wanted to see and to play with.

As my experiences with Newtonian Physics require heavy exponential operations, I used Perlin noise 3D algorithms through a Compute Shader to be able to get enough particles to make it real. Of course, it is completely real-time and you can handle the different exploding phases of the star and moving around it with your mouse.

I’ll put a more completed and playable version online as soon as I finalize some details. I though about some sliders to control mass, size, core temperature… and a command to ignite the star collapsing phase. But you may want to know you will need a good GPU to run it with more than 1.000.000 particles.

QSuperNova 0.1

1 comment

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