To The Realm of Hades

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UPDATE June 01, 2018

Single shot from the ongoing rendering of a new 300 frames pyro sim (109giga).

UPDATE May 30, 2018

Fine-tuning pyro sim.

UPDATE May 24, 2018

Here are “Escape from Olympus”, “Divine Punishment” and “Embrace of Calypso”, other shots rendered with #houdini and #redshift#3dsmax for models, #substancepainter for texturing.

UPDATE May 22, 2018

Another quick render, very noisy :/


UPDATE May 20, 2018

This a short Houdini simulation with the ship.
I used Redshift for rendering. Sound effects are made by myself using an old Roland JP-8080.

UPDATE Dec 23, 2017

I finally applied a few bump and old metal textures. This piece is much more bigger then I though 😐

UPDATE Nov 11, 2017

Testing SP IRAY Renderer. Pretty effective and FAST!

SETUP Apr 12, 2015

Here are screenshots of an underground work in progress: Ulysse famous ship, the Odysseus.
For now, I only did the main topology with 3DS Max but texturing with Substance should come soon or late.

The Odysseus orbiting planets or travelling through deep space should make a nice scene.

Are you familiar with this?

QTo The Realm of Hades

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  • fripi - September 12, 2015 reply

    Excellent, je veux une impression 3D :-p

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