U31 Odysseus

Here are some screenshots of an underground work in progress:  Ulysse 31 famous ship, the Odysseus.

Blade Runner 9732

UPDATE 12-04-2015 A dedicated page is now available at BR9732.COM

E411 Road Rage

We worked more than 10 years in Brussels, the most jammed city in the world they say. By frustration, we found enough madness to start a game some months ago. Now it comes to something really cool and quite realistic. This is a first step and still there are many things to do. At this

ThrowThemAll, Mobile Version

Hum,… Yes, the Retina display of the iPad 3 is really astonishing. So It obviously gave me the idea to port my Kinect prototype game on Mobile. As the game is well organised with scripts, 3D assets and textures, it was not a big task to push it on an Android or IOS device with Unity.

Unity Tron Legacy Kinect Prototype

1 corridor, 6 boxes with colliders, no gravity, some blue lights and lazer wall textures, a homemade ThrowScript for Kinect Skeleton and a homemade Glow Shader for disc neon material and TrailRenderer. Next steps: Replace hit circles plane with a decal Add sound effects Do a complete game

Great 3DS Max Plugins

For some weeks now, I’m learning techniques to get wonderful results with 3DSMax 2012. I spent hours on Google to find the good plugin to do the right effect… There is a list of the best and highly professional plugins I found.

Unity3D Apache Controller

For weeks, I’m building Controller Scripts. To control cars, tanks, locomotion, airplanes… helicopters… The samples I found on the web was not really perfect and quiet difficult to implement. What I’m planning to do is to build more efficient and easy-to-use C# scripts, like this one: In a few drag&drops, you can take control of