Thoughts on HTML (french)

La sortie de la nouvelle app Facebook me ravi à bien des égards. En plus d’être bien plus fluide sur mon ipad, elle dévoile certaines choses sur la puissance réelle du moteur de rendu HTML sous mobile.

WorldBuilder discontinued, Tribute Video

I received a lot of interesting messages from very interested people but as Unity is now exporting Flash Stage3D content, I had to stop development on my own 3D software, WorldBuilder. I can just recommend to all to turn to Unity to build real-time 3D stuff.

WorldBuilder, AIR built

I’ve almost finished the WorldBuilder migration under AIR For now, when you save your WorldBuilder project, the application export the project under an AS3 Project structure, which you can open with Flash Builder or FlashDevelop.

Flash on Mobile Devices

For some months now, I felt descending demands for Flash applications on every platform. But it seems to go in the other way with the coming of AIR 2.7 and the upcoming Flash Player 11 and AIR 3.

WorldBuilder almost released!

With the latest Away3D Broomstick framework, the possibilities are now huge and impressive in Flash 11 (still in incubator version). CornFlex WorldBuilder gives a UI approach to handle all the features of Away3D in a simple way to use for the end user.

SolarSystem 3D Engine

It’s been a while that I haven’t publish something but I have a good stuff to show now. Last week, I played a lot with the new Away3D 4 engine and I got really impressed by the power of the upcoming Flash Player.

Think your stuff in MVC!

This little post to tell how I’m bored too find good tools but not really well coded or not well structured. A good example is the AS3 TouchLib library to build multi-touch TUIO applications.

Ribbon Effect from Processing

This is a really nice ribbon effect made by a friend (Christophe Deaconescu). He translated the Processing code from James Alliban that you can find here. The result is pretty smooth… even with a glow filter.

AS3 Augmented Reality

Months ago, I saw lots of video examples on blogs and YouTube and finally I got some time and found AS3 sources from some brilliant japanese guys (Libspark). They built an AS3 library called FLARToolKit which is translated from a Java library (NyARToolkit). This library can detect a “marker” on a video source and calculate

Flex, Flash, AIR and Dirty Tricks

ADOBE AIR 1.5 CODENAME COSMO September 12, 2008 Mike Chambers Article here. I was hoping for a long time Adobe AIR team release a new version of AIR. I was hoping especially for the memory leaks (garbage collector) in the Flash Player 9 normally fixed in Flash Player 10 and other bugs.But I was a