WorldBuilder, AIR built


I’ve almost finished the WorldBuilder migration under AIR
For now, when you save your WorldBuilder project, the application export the project under an AS3 Project structure, which you can open with Flash Builder or FlashDevelop.

QWorldBuilder, AIR built

WorldBuilder, Flash Scriptable 3D Editor


With the latest Away3D Broomstick framework, the possibilities are now huge and impressive in Flash 11 (still in incubator version). WorldBuilder offers a UI approach to handle all the features of Away3D in a simple way to use for the end user.

QWorldBuilder, Flash Scriptable 3D Editor

360° Video with Flash


Between 2 projects at Emakina, I quickly built a 360° video mapping with Flash using a geosphere generated from 3DS Max and loaded with PV3D AS3 library.

Q360° Video with Flash