Unity Tron Legacy Kinect Prototype


1 corridor, 6 boxes with colliders, no gravity, some blue lights and lazer wall textures, a homemade ThrowScript for Kinect Skeleton and a homemade Glow Shader for disc neon material and TrailRenderer.

QUnity Tron Legacy Kinect Prototype

Voxel Engines, future of CG?

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I don’t need to tell you how many hours I lost to build stuff in the world of Notch… If you didn’t try yet, trust me, don’t install Minecraft! After breaking thousands of voxel blocks and creating voxels from OBJ and 3DS format, I was curious to know more about this technology and I found some interesting coming stuff.

QVoxel Engines, future of CG?

C++ Kinect Experience

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It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I just finished a cool Cinder application.

After testing a C++ library using Microsoft Kinect SDK for some days, I got difficulties to match a Kinect skeleton on the camera image. But now, I think it’s quiet good and I made a tool to calibrate the device in every type of room. So…I built a simple particle emitter following the left hand of the kinect skeleton and put some gravity on it, with floor level.

Result is quite funny 🙂

QC++ Kinect Experience

Shader in Google Street View

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This is a real nice stuff done with Cinder and it can be really useful to generate skyboxes dynamically.
You can add your own shader script to do your own effect.

QShader in Google Street View

Unity3D Apache Controller


For weeks, I’m building Controller Scripts to control cars, tanks, locomotion, airplanes, helicopters…
The samples I found on the web was not really perfect and quiet difficult to implement.
What I’m planning to do is to build more efficient and easy-to-use C# scripts.

QUnity3D Apache Controller

World at AR beta, a Unity game


The concept is “tank battles”. You will have to protect some buildings, destroy a enemy convoy trying to join his checkpoint, drive a tank and protect a nuclear facility… and many other missions.

QWorld at AR beta, a Unity game

RoadCam, Android App

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I’ve just published a quickly coded Native Android application. It gives you the ability to check all the camera streams of Belgian highways.

QRoadCam, Android App

WorldBuilder, AIR built


I’ve almost finished the WorldBuilder migration under AIR
For now, when you save your WorldBuilder project, the application export the project under an AS3 Project structure, which you can open with Flash Builder or FlashDevelop.

QWorldBuilder, AIR built

Flash on Mobile Devices

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For some months now, I felt descending demands for Flash applications on every platform. But it seems to go in the other way with the coming of AIR 2.7 and the upcoming Flash Player 11 and AIR 3.

QFlash on Mobile Devices