Sci-Fi Corridor

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In order to help Arch for a competition during the ISE Amsterdam, I developed a tool to setup an interactive corridor: an OpenGL room mapper based on a set of LED screens with different resolutions ans sizes, plus a multiple 3D cameras setup.

QSci-Fi Corridor

MobileKit for iOS & Android


Taking a picture from your camera to apply on a Material or sharing your best score with a screenshot of your game are certainly common features many developers want to handle quickly and easily.

QMobileKit for iOS & Android

To The Realm of Hades

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UPDATE July 16, 2018

I made this short simulation during these last weekends. The Redshift rendering isn’t perfect for sure. I’m struggling with my GTX 980 Ti and I pray Nvidia everyday to release new affordable hardware for small freelancers. Then I’ll be able to render this in HQ. Models, Textures, Simulations, Music and Sound Effects are homemade.

QTo The Realm of Hades

Fluids through Marching Cube algorithm


Lots of metaballs can be heavy for a CPU process. I absolutely wanted to implement a compute shader approach of it … to see what are the possibilities in Unity to get a real-time fluid effect.

QFluids through Marching Cube algorithm

Black Hole 0.1 to Newtonian Sandbox

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UPDATE 20-03-2017

I made a better definition video about my last GPU experiment. At this state, this point sprite particle systems receive light from Unity 5.5 pipeline and it is now full integrated with forward rendering.

QBlack Hole 0.1 to Newtonian Sandbox