MobileKit for iOS & Android

Taking a picture from your camera to apply on a Material or sharing your best score with a screenshot of your game are certainly common features many developers want to handle quickly and easily. MobileKit offers a clean and easy way to open native camera roll, image gallery and share features on iOS & Android devices.


WebGL Body Scan & Particles

I wrote Particle Systems in many different environments. This time, I port my experiences on a web page through WebGL and Javascript.


Away3D to ThreeJS

I finally found some time to port one of my full SWF 3D website made in 2011 into new web standards. The result is interesting because it run on mobile and it was not the case back in 2011. The website is not completed here, I’m too lazy to do it twice. I just need to build


U31 Odysseus

Here are some screenshots of an underground work in progress: Ulysse 31 famous ship, the Odysseus. Are you familiar with this?


Blade Runner 9732

UPDATE 12-04-2015 A dedicated page is now available at BR9732.COM


Fluids through Marching Cube algorithm

Lots of metaballs can be heavy for a CPU process. I absolutely wanted to implement a compute shader approach of it … to see what are the possibilities in Unity to get a real-time fluid effect.


Black Hole 0.1

I’m still working on gravity, adjusting some velocities, masses, distances and timescale to get realistic behaviors. Here you can see how it’s running in real-time in Unity. There is a little frame drop due to video recording but the output is still OK. My graphic card is a Nvidia GTX 590 with 1024 CUDA cores.


GPU SkinnedMesh Instancing

Have you ever tried to instantiate thousands of animated skinned meshes in a Unity Scene? Even with GPU Skinning enabled (quite obscure feature in Unity) and baked skinned meshes (thanks to MeshBaker but it does not support many skin animations), the Animation Class on every instance is consuming all your CPU resources.


SuperNova 0.1

I was already fascinated by the power of stars when I was a little boy. With Computer Graphics technology, I can now simulate at home what I always wanted to see and to play with.