WorldBuilder, Flash Scriptable 3D Editor


With the latest Away3D Broomstick framework, the possibilities are now huge and impressive in Flash 11 (still in incubator version). WorldBuilder offers a UI approach to handle all the features of Away3D in a simple way to use for the end user.

WorldBuilder helps you to handle easily all the materials, lights, objects, terrain, skybox, animations in your Flash environment.

For example, you will be able to:

  • import OBJ and MD5 meshes,
  • create terrains,
  • create skyboxes,
  • put and move objects on the scene,
  • add and remove lights on what you want,
  • adjust lightning effects,
  • use normal and specular mapping,
  • use the multiselection features to scale, rotate or move objects,
  • attach some motion captures sequences on MD5 meshes,
  • choose a hour (ex: 16h05) and the sunlight is automatically calculated.
  • change the ecliptic radius of the Sun/Moon light

Once your world is ready, you will be able to save it and reload it when you want… with the builder features or without.

You will also be able to apply AS3 scripts easily on every mesh, every light… on every thing that is in your scene.
That means you will be able to create your own AS3 game classes or framework by using the items of your world put in place in WorldBuilder.

For the physics, I’m planning to implement BulletFlash.


QWorldBuilder, Flash Scriptable 3D Editor


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