Flash on Mobile Devices

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For some months now, I felt descending demands for Flash applications on every platform. But it seems to go in the other way with the coming of AIR 2.7 and the upcoming Flash Player 11 and AIR 3.

According to me, the only reason is a commercial reason about AppStore… Is it forbidden to think about it?. Ok, keep it for later. At last, we can count on Adobe to get the Flash running better on IOS through AIR.

For skeptics, I would like to share some links:
AIR 2.7 4x Faster on IOS
Rossignol AIR App on IOS
Deploy AIR App on IOS (so easy on Android)
Financial Trader App on IOS

Setup your development environment for Flash CS5:

Access the camera on your Android device:

And for other skeptics, try to play a Flash App on a Samsung Galaxy S2, even in the browser,… and drop your iPhone 4 by the window 🙂
Next step: Flash Player 11 GPU accelerated for Mobile!! (AIR 3)



QFlash on Mobile Devices

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