ThrowThemAll, Mobile Version


Hum,… Yes, the Retina display of the iPad 3 is really astonishing.
So It obviously gave me the idea to port my Kinect prototype game on Mobile.

As the game is well organised with scripts, 3D assets and textures, it was not a big task to push it on an Android or IOS device with Unity.

Now, there are some sounds and ambient music.
Of course I still have a lot to develop, especially for the game-play, the other game levels, intro, menu, GUI stuff…
For now, I’m finishing the IA (samurai throwing items to you and avoiding yours) and adding different kind of enemies… but also bonus, special throw items, slow motion shots with “camera-on-projectile” effect, like Max Payne rifle shots ;).

Please check the videos below, first on iPad3, second on Galaxy S2:
(Again, sorry for bad quality videos, need a Canon 5D)

Kinect Prototype posted at

QThrowThemAll, Mobile Version


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  • vict - February 17, 2013 reply

    Looks so fun!

    =) awesome idea!
    How much time did you take to build the game?

    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - February 24, 2013 reply

    Still in development 😉

  • Dizz - March 12, 2013 reply

    Wow can’t wait to see the rest ! Seems really cool, keep up the good work guys !

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