GLSL Perlin Noise


This small shader simulates water waves. It is built with OpenGL + GLSL in C++. Source files here.


QGLSL Perlin Noise


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    Jim - August 12, 2013 reply

    I downloaded your GLSL source files, it looks like your fragment shader file has the same content as your vertex shader file. Do you have a fragment shader? Also, on iOS (prior to iOS7) sampler2D is not allowed in the vertex shader. The first line in your vertex shader is a uniform sampler2d, but that variable doesn’t seem to be used anywhere.

    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - August 14, 2013 reply

    I used perlin noise algoritm in fragment and vertex shader. That’s why you’ll find similar methods in both files.
    Never tried to port it on IOS, sorry. But I will and let you know 😉
    I’ll check for the sampler2D unused variable.

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    Ribeur - November 1, 2013 reply

    thanks, this looks very interesting, would you consider sharing the app code (cinder?) as well? i’m not sure how to put the shader to work like u did. thanks a lot in any case.

    Quentin Lengelé

    Quentin Lengelé - January 15, 2014 reply

    Here is the VS2010 Project:

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    David Brown - February 24, 2014 reply

    I downloaded the MyShaderLab source and Cinder. I had to update the project to point to boost and to get the msw library. However, the ResiveEvent was still not defined. I removed the resize function and it finally compiled and works well, but only in debug mode. But that is good enough. Thanks!

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    Robert Swanson - November 3, 2014 reply

    I’d also really appreciate the full source (but your link isn’t working 🙁 ). I’d be grateful if you could upload it again. 🙂

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