Sci-Fi Corridor

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In order to help Arch for a competition during the ISE Amsterdam, I developed a tool to setup an interactive corridor: an OpenGL room mapper based on a set of LED screens with different resolutions ans sizes, plus a multiple 3D cameras setup.


The application is built with native C++ and Cinder library. It helps you to map any kind of room, any kind of walls and any kind of surface dimensions. The mapping is done through translation, rotation and scale in high resolution texture UVs. OpenNI was used to handle people coordinates on a 3 Xtion cameras setup. You can have a look at the interface right below:


The floor is an assembly of Arch LED panels. It is quite resistant as it can support people weight. It’s also very light and can be easily attached to walls and ceiling. Here a sci-fi corridor setup was made to attract people during the ISE event.

QSci-Fi Corridor

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