UIToolKit Discontinued

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UIToolKit was a set of lite UI components for Unity. It helps you to design your interface directly in the editor by simply dropping components on your scene, add easy scripts to interact with them and customize them with your own styles and images.

UIToolKit supports screen alignment and screen respected ratio which are very useful to have a fitting UI with all kind of screen resolution. It also embeds iTween for UI transitions (see tween demo scene).

UIToolKit components are packaged as prefabs that you can edit and customize easily.

There are 2 demo scenes in this package to give you an idea how doing GUI in Unity becomes child play.


UIToolKit 1.6.1

  • Performance optimisation
  • Add touch scroll features on ComboBox, TileList and TextArea

UIToolKit 1.6

  • Fix block UI under Alert and Perform Panel
  • Add FitToScreen features
  • change Texture2D to Texture in UITexture

UIToolKit 1.5.3

  • Fix ComboBox bug
  • Add Touch Control for ComboBox

UIToolKit 1.5.2

  • Refactoring
  • Better merge with iTween
  • Fix unwanted drawcall
  • Draw only when component is moving

UIToolKit 1.5.1

  • Add FPS Label
  • Add OverUI Check on Window component

UIToolKit 1.5

  • Fix Return on TextField

UIToolKit 1.4

  • Fix activated boolean
  • New Joystick sample textures

UIToolKit 1.3

  • Refactoring iTween
QUIToolKit Discontinued

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