WorldBuilder almost released!


With the latest Away3D Broomstick framework, the possibilities are now huge and impressive in Flash 11 (still in incubator version). CornFlex WorldBuilder offers a UI approach to handle all the features of Away3D in a simple way to use for the end user.

QWorldBuilder almost released!

SolarSystem 3D Engine


It’s been a while that I haven’t publish something but I have a good stuff to show now.
Last week, I played a lot with the new Away3D 4 engine and I got really impressed by the power of the upcoming Flash Player.

QSolarSystem 3D Engine

Flex, Flash, AIR and Dirty Tricks


Mike Chambers Article here. I was hoping for a long time Adobe AIR team release a new version of AIR. I was hoping especially for the memory leaks (garbage collector) in the Flash Player 9 normally fixed in Flash Player 10 and other bugs.But I was a bit disappointed.

QFlex, Flash, AIR and Dirty Tricks

360° Video with Flash


Between 2 projects at Emakina, I quickly built a 360° video mapping with Flash using a geosphere generated from 3DS Max and loaded with PV3D AS3 library.

Q360° Video with Flash